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What is

Bentz Jaz Biodefense System


Patented technology that continuously reduces pathogens 24/7/365 in the air and on surfaces in occupied spaces.

The Bentz Jaz Biodefense technology uses ambient humidity and oxygen present in the air. The oxygen and humidity are broken apart by a photocatalytic reaction and put back together as hydrogen peroxide in its gas phase. Formulation of dry hydrogen peroxide (DHP) Our patented technology creates a safe level of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) gas, which reduces the presence of microorganisms and helps lower the opportunities for cross-contamination and recontamination. DHP can reach the toughest and most out-of-reach areas of your building. As a near ideal gas, DHP travels wherever the air goes, providing an immune system for your building.


We Bring The Advantage

Our patented DHP™ (Dry Hydrogen Peroxide) technology doesn’t shy away from any obstacle. No matter the size or type of facility, or the constraints of the room, there’s a Synexis device that fits your needs. The magic behind the biodefense system is as simple as smart science. Every indoor environment naturally contains ambient oxygen and humidity. Our pantented technology breaks these molecules apart and reassembles them into DHP. 

Since all microbes require water from the environment to live, they attach themselves to our DHP molecule for survival. It's thought that once it's attached. DHP breaks down the microbe's outer cell membrane leading to its destruction. So long microbe, there’s a defense system that fits your needs. 

Comparison Table Between Existing Market Treatment

How DHP control MOLD

The video shows strawberries aging over a 122-hour period. The untreated (control) strawberries started to grow mold after approximately 30 hours. The strawberries treated with Synexis Dry Hydrogen Peroxide naturally dehydrated, but never showed signs of mold growth.

Best Performance

Long Lasting Effect

Reduce the Presence of MOLD, FUNGI, and YEAST.

Build On Reliability

Since our establishment in 1997, Bentz Jaz has been committed to protecting society and the environment. We combine our passion and expertise to create innovative solutions for safer, healthier places. Throughout the years, we have been frequently involved in combating various public health diseases.

  • No Odors, Chemical or Solvent
  • Sustainable Microbial Reduction
  • No Labour Commitment
  • Continuous Microbial Reduction
  • Reduces Risk of Recontamination

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Lab Tested For Quality Assurance