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Our Biodefense System Applies to Different Industries

24/7/365 Protection

Bentz Jaz Biodefense provides 24/7/365 continuous protection in reducing the levels of microbes in the classroom, dormitory, or any indoor space students go—both in the air and on surfaces.

Low Maintenance

Just turn it on and go about your day. DHP works behind the scenes with very little upkeep, no operating staff, and no disruption to anyone’s routine.

Naturally Safe

Hydrogen Peroxide is a component that occur naturally in human’s lungs. Our Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) technology in this system is non-ozone producing. It occurs at levels well below OSHA’s standard.


Our biodefense system is lab tested for quality assurance, and can significantly reduce the amount of germs.

Commands the Room

DHP flows wherever the air flows, throughout any indoor space— reducing the presence of microbes, without having to leave the room, unlike the disinfectant services. The biodefense system works zero downtime no disruption.


BJdefense has been committed to protect the society and the environment since established. Our solutions are effective against strong viruses, proven to eliminate against viruses, bacteria & mold.

Commercial View More


Maintaining consistent comfort in high-occupancy spaces can be challenging, indoor air quality matters more than ever, our DHP continuously reduce the presence of microbes in the air and on surfaces, with no reliance on the exchange of air.  

Church View More


Places of worship are sacred spaces for congregants and the larger community. Our biodefense will continuously attack microbes while everyone in the space goes about their day, no disruption at all.

Office View More


Both clients and employees should stay refreshed without exposure to viruses, bacteria or fungi. Our biodefense system continously attacks microbes in the air and on surfaces to create a comfort and safe workplace.

Education/Child Care View More

Education/Child Care

Where our kids go, so do viruses and bacteria. To create the best environment for learning, our DHP technologies developed to improve schools’ indoor air quality hence reducing the health risks in school.

Sports+Recreation View More


Sports, recreation, or live theatre, all are parts of our lives. But sweaty equipment, smelly dressing rooms, and shared clubhouses allow viruses and bacteria run the show. Our biodefense system is the player you need.

Food Services View More

Food Services

There are  around 40 different kinds of viruses, bacteria, and molds that can cause foodborne illnesses. Food contamination can occur at every step of the food preparation and packaging process.

Residential View More


It has always been important to stay hygienic at home or residential area,our biodedense system ensure that there are no invisible pesky airborne particles in your humble abode.

Lifestyle + Entertainment View More

Lifestyle + Entertainment

From hotels and resorts to movie theatres and country clubs, and even casinos and cruise ships,guests from around the world bring more than just their luggage. Synexis is the perfect accouterment for any room.

Healthcare View More


Our remedy designed for defeating pathogens. The  biodefense system continuously attacks viruses, bacteria, and odors along each step of the patient’s journey, from hectic ERs to outpatient clinics.

Build On Reliability

Since our establishment in 1997, Bentz Jaz has been committed to protecting society and the environment. We combine our passion and expertise to create innovative solutions for safer, healthier places. Throughout the years, we have been frequently involved in combating various public health diseases.

  • No Odors, Chemical or Solvent
  • Sustainable Microbial Reduction
  • No Labour Commitment
  • Continuous Microbial Reduction
  • Reduces Risk of Recontamination

Free Contamination Check

Professional on site consultation

Proven efficacy with accredited lab